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Life after the “crazy party”: the journalists found all the heroes of the famous meme

Prior to this, the fate of only one participant of the “patihard” was known – he helped launch Tesla into space.

In February 2018, it became known that the Pole Tomasz Czajka, known for his “crazy party” (or “patihard”), settled in SpaceX and helped launch the super-heavy Falcon Heavy with Tesla on board. He developed software for the control system. But the names and fates of other photo participants remained unknown.

Journalists of the WTFuture project “Open Media” found the rest of the meme’s heroes and found out where the photo was taken: it was a scientific camp in the Polish village of Zvardon, where students were preparing for the mathematics Olympiads.

Photo in 1997 was made by the teacher Jerzy Bednarchik, who did not answer the questions of WTFuture. The journalists noted that after the inquiries from the site of the scientific camp, all the images related to the meme had disappeared . But they were answered by Marcin Petrikovski, who worked at Wroclaw University, and then became a developer of the Finnish company Tieto.

I do not really remember Zvardon. It seems that it was June 1997, we were there for a couple of days, maybe a week. Such a camp is held every year for schoolchildren who scored the best scores in the Polish Mathematical Olympiad. This is a form of reward, but the most important task is to prepare for international mathematical competitions, which also take place in the summer. That is, every day we solved tasks, as in real competitions.

Marcin Petrikovski
the hero of a “crazy party”

Other photo participants – Jan Pelts and Peter Pritytsky. About the first “Open Media” learned only that he was the laureate of the Olympiad in mathematics in 1997 and 1998. And the second became a teacher at McGill University in Canada, where he moved with his husband.

In 2014, in Russia, the news spread that all four of the meme’s heroes met after 17 years, but it turned out to be a fake.

Photo of "Open Media"
Photo of “Open Media”
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