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Intel introduced the Core-i9 processor with 6 cores for laptops

Today, Intel introduced its first Core-i9 chip for laptops, which is served under the sauce “the best gaming and performance processor for notebooks that Intel has ever produced.” The top of the lineup is the Intel Core i9-8950HK, which is accelerated to 4.8 GHz in the turbo bush, has six cores and 12 streams.

The nominal processor frequency is 2.9 GHz. Overclocking is carried out thanks to the technology of Thermal Velocity Boost, which increases the speed with low heating of the stone. The nominal frequency of the TDP novelty is 45 watts.

The company promises to increase productivity by 29% compared to the processors of the seventh generation. In this case, the chip will be 59% faster to cope with the tasks of editing 4K-video and 41% better to manifest themselves in games.

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