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Founders of ICO-startup accused of misappropriating $ 32 million

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the US accused two founders of the Centra start-up in the appropriation of $ 32 million. These funds they received from hundreds of trustful investors who supported the project financially within the ICO campaign.

The startup was dedicated to finance: it was reported that the team could develop a convenient way to quickly convert crypto currency into fiat money (for example, US dollars). Allegedly, the founders of the startup had connections with Visa and Mastercard, which was supposed to provide the bright future for the project. Seriousness of the matter was added and advertising with the participation of celebrities: Centra in social networks mentioned boxer Floyd Mayweather and singer DJ Khaled.

However, it turned out that Visa and Mastercard did not know about this startup. There were no agreements, and Centra’s future is much more vague than the creators of the project said.

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