Architecture: The restaurant in the former church

Photos of Michaelis Boyd

Architectural studio Michaelis Boyd transformed the interior of the former London church, which housed the restaurant of Cantonese cuisine Duddell’s.

The London establishment repeats the concept of the first Duddell’s, which opened in 2013 in Hong Kong and won its first Michelin star only five months after launch. Both restaurants are used not only as rooms for food, but also as art galleries.

The interior of the restaurant is inspired by the traditional tea rooms in Hong Kong and the retro style of the 1960s. Designers retained elements of the old decor – for example, heavy panels of the altar of dark oak and arched windows, but also brought a lot of new details – such as bright floor tiles or brass shelves.

The building in which Duddell’s is located was built in 1703. Services in the church stopped as early as the 19th century, after which the building was used for some time for community meetings, and later became the office of the insurance company.

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