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“We are ready to fight against xenomorfs”: an April April armored bus for the Russian police

On April 1, published a material on the concept of the Bronebus BAS rapid reaction bus, allegedly already secretly tested on the streets of Moscow. The staff of the site published interviews with the “creator” of the transport: he told how he was engaged in the project in the evenings after the main work and noted that he was interested in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and “third world countries”.

According to him, the first sample of “Bronebus” had to be masked for testing in the Russian capital. To do this, the employees allegedly painted military equipment in the colors of public transport and added a sign “Training”.

We had several very important meetings at the official level with representatives of diplomatic missions and military structures of Western countries. I will say briefly, at the moment preliminary agreements have been reached on the development of modernized models of the “Bronebus” of the next generation, taking into account the ecological norms of the European Union.

Alexander Bushuev
The “creator” of an armored bus

At the end of the conversation, the author of the project said that in the plans there was an unmanned version of “Bronebus”, as well as “Armor” and “Armored”.

On the site did not hide that “Bronebus” – April Fools’ joke. Before the interview, there is a reminder: “Do not take too seriously the news published on the first of April.” Also the word “comic” is immediately in the title of the material.

The fake concept was noticed in social networks.

“If you thought that this is a computer simulation for the first of April, then it is not so. This is a real police project, and he is now on the streets of Moscow ”
Some bloggers noted that such transport can save from the zombie apocalypse and help in the fight against xenomorfs.

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