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Vitaly v1lat Volochay left the cybersport studio RuHub

One of the most famous cyber-sports commentators Dota 2 Vitaly v1lat Volochay announced the withdrawal from the media studio RuHub. He announced this on April 1 in his Telegram channel , where he stressed that this news was not an April Fool’s joke.

“We agreed with the Rukhab that we work until March 31 as full-time employees, so the announcement was on April 1, ” Volochai wrote.

The commentator will continue to work on some studio projects as an invited employee. He stressed that to comment on the tournaments of The International on Dota 2 or Epicentr will only be if the organizers invite him to this post.

Volochaya’s departure was commented on by Tatiana Shavrova, general producer of the RuHub studio: “V1lat is a person whose contribution to the development of e-sports is difficult to overestimate. Today, beginning commentators are equal to him in their work. I have no doubt that in the future we will meet more than once and work on RuHub studio projects. “

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