The architects of the new metro station “Nagatinsky Zaton” were inspired by fish

In the capital, winners of the international competition for the design of subway stations have been determined. As a result of the competition, in which teams from nine countries of the world took part, the Russian archbureau became the winner.

Authors of the concept of “Nagatinsky backwater” decided to push off from the place where the station will be located – a river bay. The main design dominant, they chose the image of fish. For this, city planners looked at the textbooks of biology and found 13 species of fish inhabiting the Moscow River. On the walls of the platforms there will be giant mosaic panno-fishes. And the vestibules will turn into a real encyclopedia of the underwater world of the capital. Next to each picture depicting a river inhabitant, passengers will be able to read a brief description of the species and its habits.

The fish theme can be traced in the design of the input groups to the station. The ceiling was decided in the form of scales.

We really did not want to lose the conceptual connection with the place. Nagatinsky backwater is a river bay. We took the image that lies on the surface, in a sense naive, but it seemed attractive to us. These are fish, that is, inhabitants of the rivers of the Moscow region

Arseny Borisenko
Managing partner of the architectural bureau za bor architects
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