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Scientists have recreated the appearance Cro-Magnon, who lived 30 thousand years ago (2 photos)

At the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in France, paleontologists recreated the appearance of Cro-Magnon, who lived about 30,000 years ago. Remains of Cro-Magnon 1 were found in 1868 in Cro-Magnon cave in south-west France, and bone damage was found on the frontal part of the skull. What caused this damage, it was possible to establish only now.

Thanks to magnetic resonance imaging, scientists found that the ancient man suffered from a genetic disease of neurofibromatosis, in which benign tumors are formed on the face and body. The whole face Cro-Magnon, who died at the age of 50, was covered with cones, the largest of which was on his forehead.

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