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Refusal of meat reduces the risk of cancer of the distal rectum in women

British scientists have established a link between the increased risk of colorectal cancer and a diet of red meat in women. It turned out that the risk of malignant formation in the distal department of the rectum decreases with reduced consumption of red meat, writes N + 1.

The study of British scientists involved more than 30,000 women who shared information about age, body mass index, health, attitude to smoking and alcohol. All the scientists were divided into four groups based on their eating habits: vegetarians, consumers of red meat, poultry and fish.

They were observed for 17 years. In total, during this time, a malignant neoplasm was identified in 117 women. So scientists want to expand the sample. The increased risk of cancer in the rectum and large intestine due to a diet with high consumption of red meat, scientists can not confirm.

However, they found that the risk of developing distal rectal cancer was 35% lower in those women who ate poultry, fish, and completely or partially abandoned products of animal origin.

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