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“The province is a spiritual phenomenon.” Overview of the explosive thriller Far Cry 5


The developers touched on a topic that the society does not seem to discuss. It’s about religion. The grinding of the teeth of the champions of morality is already heard, but in reality the game hardly offends anyone: antagonists are not ordinary believers, namely, fanatics who torture and brutally kill people. The family of Sidov took the whole region into circulation: loyal soldiers fired at infidels, took away houses, and organized punitive operations. All under the pretext of prophecy, purification and a sign.

Hope is a real American muffler. If, suddenly, Hollywood movies have the impression that there are solid skyscrapers and villas in the States, Far Cry 5 will disappoint: farms, broken roads, squat houses, rusty pick-up trucks, rednecks in muddy T-shirts and alcoholics with guns at the ready. The place of action is chosen just perfect – it’s hard to remember where such an entourage still met.

The region is divided into three large sectors. Everyone is controlled by a certain representative of the Sid family, in which one is more insane than the other. We need to foul in their areas so that the boss can not stand it and leans out of his hiding place, giving us the opportunity to defeat him.

Do you know what madness is?

I’m glad that Ubisoft saved an easy surrealism of what is happening, not turning the shooter into an action movie “on serious schachah.” In one of the quests we need to bring the obstetrician ready to give birth to a woman and her husband to their hilarious abuse, in another – to find the lighters of veterans of the war (while the district is torn apart by the sect and we do not have souvenirs at all), in the third – to help the weird type in creating stimulants of the body, experiencing them on themselves.

Prepare to destroy enemy equipment, free hostages, to win outposts and strategically important points (like a brewery – seriously). And all would be nothing, but after spending ten hours to free the first region and accepting the second, you understand that the tasks are exactly the same. And we are still waiting for the third area, where everything is also approximately the same.

This is the classic misfortune of some Ubisoft games (For Honor, the early Assassin’s Creed) – repetitive actions that just get bored of doing. Let the developers disguise the quests well, and the situation as a whole is better than with the capture of the towers and outposts in Far Cry 4, but when in one region you get the task to eliminate the moose mutant, and in another area you are offered to kill the mutant puma, deja vu. Over time, it increases: it is necessary, therefore, to destroy the convoy of fanatics, which terrorizes the inhabitants of the region, and in another province it is necessary to spread a boat patrol. There is absolutely no difference in mechanics.

With an apparent variety of tasks, almost all of them are the same: something to capture, destroy or kill someone. But the quests are interesting because of the variability. Almost every mission can go in several ways. The style of the game is extremely free: even with the bow, shoot each opponent, remaining imperceptible to the enemies, even claiming to be shot from the RPG on the building. If you do not like it, then you can strike an air strike. The game does not shackle your grandmother’s makings.

Overdose Action

In many ways, the style of accomplishing missions is influenced by assistants. Now they are not faceless fighters of resistance, as in Far Cry 4, but full-fledged heroes with their specializations: pilot, sniper, flamethrower and so on. Scale skirmishes take place without helpers is complicated: here they quickly kill even when the hero’s health is fully pumped. The mechanics of fighting are extremely universal. There are both shootings at long ranges with sniper rifles, and open collisions, when the baseball bat, the pieces of pipes and everything that comes into play come into play.

In Far Cry 5 is very juicy not only fire, but also smoke: thick, black, with clubs

The game immediately takes a fast pace, but gradually it tires. There are too many enemies, and if they were only in missions, there would be no complaints. However, it’s almost impossible to calmly get from one point to another: you will come across a patrol, you will get caught in the eyes of enemy aviation, a firefight will begin and all ammunition will have to be spent not on a complex task, but on an accidental event. Let this make the world more diverse and does not let you get bored, but you want to go through the plot, perform quests, and not fight with endless opponents.

The game lacks black humor. For example, the poster on the left encourages not to feed the animals with their fingers. And this dog, by the way, can be taken to his squad

Most annoying death of the hero because of trivia. Out of ammunition and health at zero, ran to the forest to catch a breath – behind the nimble wolverine crept up, and you’re dead. Participate in the pursuit, almost completed the task – no, get two fighters, which suddenly caught you. We are not given respite at all. We sat in the cornfield, wanted to fly over Hope and do some nice screenshots. A feature from two: the hero has spotted a bunch of enemies and is already shooting from the rocket launchers. What is there to research locations – just to get alive before the start of another mission.

In the game, we, among other things, will help the director of the action movie “Blood Dragon 3” (a reference to the crazy addition for Far Cry 3) with the filming of his film

And after all, the world of Far Cry is interesting to explore, but it seems as if we are prevented from doing so. Wherever you go, you will certainly get something on your eyes: a picnic of Resistance fighters, a freak who is looking for connection with a UFO, a fight between a bear and deer. The game generates interesting situations, and sometimes you just want to watch what is happening, but we are pushed to the shooting.

By the way, there are many animals here. Developers did not begin to clean up the hunt, although now less attention is paid to it. In the previous parts, animals had to be hunted for the expansion of inventory and additional slots (from the skins the hero sewed bags and holsters). Now the skins are used mainly for sale. But there was fishing. And Ubisoft approached the mini-game with all the care: different types of fishing rods, a special tactic against fish – all this drags on not less than the release of the district.

The same goes for the Arcade mode, in which users create their own maps. The toolkit is big: if you set a goal, you can make a very interesting and thoughtful location, but the time for it will go well. Different types of games, a lot of objects, types of terrain – everything can be set up. Then, ready-made cards are used for single or multiplayer battles, and gamers assess the location after the match, so it’s better not to juggle.

The game looks great, but the range of drawing is lame – at least on the PlayStation 4. This is clearly seen in the setting chosen by the developers – the distance in large open spaces looks lurky. But near the full order: clear textures (especially stones and rocks were successful), juicy and bright explosions, excellent lighting, which beautifully breaks through the trees in the forest. Animation is also successful: animals run quite naturally, the enemies effectively discarded when bullets hit, and the hero realistically leans the gun against the walls and shelters, skirting them.

Far Cry 5 brought less new than expected. The concept of an open world and the structure of the game has not changed in comparison with the previous parts, but it’s still interesting to play. Before us is definitely the main shooter of spring and, probably, of the year. Fresh entourage, tormented by religious loony provinces, surrealism and class shootings – a combination of almost perfect. The game will take at least 30 hours to complete. This is a great, crazy and extremely interesting adventure, for which you can definitely spend the big spring holidays.

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