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KICKICO and Group-IB represent: a new detachment as a way to withstand cyber threats

Group-IB , an international company specializing in the prevention of cyber attacks, has recently been closely involved in the provision of computer security services for ICO projects. ICO projects are a very delicate branch, more than others, subject to hacker attacks and intrusions. According to a recent study conducted by Group-IB jointly by Ernst and Young, in 2017 almost $ 400 million of the 3.7 billion allocated to the ICO (approximately 10%) were stolen or lost.

Using the Group-IB threat intelligence system developed by Group-IB, we found that a group of hackers in DarkNet are actively recruiting experts for Big Data, trained in artificial intelligence, cryptography and blockbuster. After carefully analyzing this activity and studying the profiles of invited specialists, Group-IB analysts came to the conclusion that this hacking group is very likely preparing for the hacking of various crypto-currency projects, including KICKICO.

KICKICO and Group-IB have jointly developed and implemented the necessary security measures. Among the usual measures is the unsurpassed service of Group-IB GIB-Crypto. In fact, this is a comprehensive protection of ICO, crypto-currency wallets, exchanges and exchangers. However, today we are happy to report that we will also apply unusual measures.

KICKICO specialists have developed a method that allows to safely keep the blockade intact in case of attack of any destructive force and scale, literally, on hard media, that is, on solid carriers. To do this, the KICKICO team turned to the secret Soviet developments of the times of the Cold War. We decided to improve the Soviet spy technique so that it could be used to record and store the blockage, literally speaking, using a magnetic recording.

Soviet secret research institutes in the 1960-70s developed a fairly large number of spy samples. One of them – a portable hidden wire recorder – a dictaphone system “Mezon” Mezon . The technicians of the company KICKICO managed to refine the Mezon so that he could record the voice instead of the voice. Recording is carried out on a thin steel wire with a diameter of 0.05 mm. The length of the wire in the standard coil with wire is sufficient for recording one hour of speech. The improved version of the device (Mezon 2018) is capable of writing up to one 1TB of data on the same coil, which is enough, for example, for the whole file of the Efirium blockade in its current state.

The company KICKICO expects to write a file of its block on the coils with magnetic wire and then send these coils to holders of KICKCOIN. Holders will be able to choose which postal service they prefer to receive packages: DHL, UPS, Russian Post or any local package delivery service at will.

Important advantages of the above-described method in terms of safety:

(i) These records are literally “hard copies” – archives of the blockade, inaccessible from the outside from the Internet and incompatible with modern digital technologies;

(ii) The data on the wire reels are additionally encrypted. The method of encryption is proprietary, joint development of research teams of both companies;

(iii) Even in the case of theft, these magnetic wire coils are completely useless for criminals, since they will not have a device capable of losing the wire from the coil. (all the Mesons that were on the market are already unnoticeably bought up by crypto-enthusiasts);

(iv) Magnetic wire is able to keep magnetization in a very wide temperature range, from -50 ° C to +650 ° C. This means that the coils with wire and recorded block are not affected by frost and high temperatures;

(v) We use this method as a “last hope” for serious events, for example, nuclear attacks. At least three copies are sent to the most distant and inaccessible places in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and in Latin America places.

After the end of the danger period, one of the KICKCOIN holders will have to send their data coil back to KICKICO. Then the research team will wire the wire into the Mezon and get the data back, then posting them online.

“We believe that the existing records in the blockroom are extremely necessary to protect against all threats at all possible levels. The proposed solution is a rare combination of ancient data storage technologies with the most up-to-date achievements in the field of cryptography, “said Ruslan Yusufov, the head of the Group-IB division for the protection of ICO and blockbusters.

“We are proud that this became possible as a result of the combined efforts of the best company to prevent cyberattacks and the best community in the field of blockbuster and ICO. Meson 2018 will give mankind the opportunity to create a protected space for all the detainees and crypto currency, “said Alexander Petrov, an early investor in KICKICO and a technical evangelist of block-making decisions.

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