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Joni Ive spoke about secrecy in Apple and Steve Jobs in an interview with Naomi Campbell

Apple’s chief design director Joni Ive gave an interview to Vogue magazine. With him talked a famous model, actress and singer Naomi Campbell.

She asked the designer for his personal interest in the workflow, citing the rumor that he slept on the floor during the production of the first iPhone. Ive did not confirm this information, but said that he really spent time in those places where the iPhones were released. The top manager noted that “he does not know how you can be a designer and not do it.”

 A separate part of the interview was devoted to secrecy in Apple. Campbell asked Will how comfortable he was working in such conditions. However, the designer admitted that for him this is not a problem.

In fact, I do not consider it a secret: if I’m working on something and it’s not ready, then I do not want to show it to anyone myself! One of the defining things of the nature of ideas is their fragility, so when you are not sure whether something will work, the idea is vulnerable.

To protect the idea, one must also be cautious with those to whom you are talking about it: premature criticism can destroy something that, perhaps, deserved more

Joni Ive
chief director of design at Apple

Ive said that he and Steve Jobs “looked at the world equally,” and over time, the designer is increasingly missing the creator of Apple. He noted that he learned from Jobs “incredibly free” way of thinking, enthusiasm and the rejection of established rules. Ive separately talked about how the former CEO of Apple related to hiring employees.

The main thing is how they see the world. Eventually, Steve’s legacy is a set of values ​​and, I think, a belief in [necessity] to try.

Joni Ive
chief director of design at Apple

Vogue published an interview with Campbell before the exhibition in front of the exhibition of designer Azedin Alaya at the London Museum of Design, which will open in May 2018. One of the sponsors of the installation was Ive himself, who likes the work of Alaya.

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