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Bath, fire and wakeboarding: extreme people from Voronezh arranged a picnic on a drifting ice floe

Extreme from Voronezh Bogdan Korzhenevsky published a video of an alloy on a breakaway ice floe along the Don river. As the man said, this trip has been going on for more than a year and this time 15 people took part in it.

To begin with, the company cut a large ice floe with three chainsaws (two of which broke down during the work). After that, they built a fire, heated the tub, and one of the extremals rolled on the wakeboard. Toward evening the team cooked on the sazan fire. Of all the planned events, it was not possible to realize only a visit to the bathhouse – the participants in the trip could not warm the improvised therma to the right temperature.

According to Korzhnevsky, the picnic lasted almost the whole day. During this time, the ice floe split into five or six parts, but the extremals were ready for this and in advance calculated the places for placing the inventory.

They say that we are setting a bad example of young people. This is true. But at the same time, I was personally inspired by some of the videos for sports, tourism and other activities. So here is more a matter of perception. If you go thoughtlessly to repeat, it can end badly, but if you find some inspiration in it, get up from the computer and leave the house, then it’s fine.

Bogdan Korzhenevsky

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