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The most fun day of the year

Updated chronicle of jokes and insanity on the first of April

Another first of April means that users of social networks will start to give more jokes, and brands and companies will arrange jokes and try to surprise with creativity. Group

On the main page of appeared a mini-game in the “Pakman” style, where you need to manage a “bug” that hides from programmers. You need to click on the arrows on the keyboard and collect the numbers on the level.

Google Maps

On Google maps, you can now play in “Where is Wally?” Based on the books of the same name. The character in the red hat and striped blouse appears in random places on the map: you can play in both mobile Google Maps applications and in the browser version .

Burger King

In Burger King came up with how to make their food even more caloric: a restaurant chain “announced” the appearance of chocolate vopper. There is a lot of raspberry syrup, a chocolate cake roll, vanilla glaze and a “salad” made from milk chocolate.


Coca-Cola “came up with” three new flavors for soda: avocado, bread sourdough and charcoal. The company said that new variations of the sugar-free drink will appeal to the “Instagram generation”, as they “look great” in photos in the social network.

Photos Mirror Online


Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi smartphones “presented” the first look at the three cameras of its flagship MiA1.
Edition today a little hypermarket “Lenta” – jokes corresponding.


The operator T-Mobile “showed” the sneakers, in which a smartphone with speakers, mobile communication and Wi-Fi is integrated. You can listen to music through headphones, and do selfie on the camera, built into the nasal part of the shoe.


The car manufacturer Lexus “offered” customers to choose a car based on genetic compatibility. The buyer gives saliva and after 48 hours takes the car “matched for him”, which does not even need a key.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia showed “active flights”, where first-class passengers are equipped with exercise bikes and dumbbells, and instead of regular meals a healthy fruit breakfast is provided on board.

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