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Sex is, of course, good, but have you tried memes? The best memes and viral videos of March

April 1 was perfect in one weekend with the last day of March. We do not dare to miss such a coincidence and publish our selection of the best memes and virus videos that users of social networks shared last month. What about Soviet films in anime stylistics, or Tommy Weiss in the role of Joker, or crazy turkeys from Far Cry 5? And of course, there was a lot of our traditional selection of kobs.

We do not need this Joker

Tommy Weisso is known for his acting and directorial work in the film “Room” – one of the worst in the history of cinema, many critics and movie fans are sure. Tommy Weisso believes that he would organically look like a Joker. The network even has a video from his samples for this role in the upcoming film, which will be entirely devoted to the history of this anti-hero.

The tests turned out so bad that at times it becomes even a little embarrassing for Tommy. Although many viewers are sure: it’s so bad that it’s even good.

US hunt for oil

Where oil is, there are Americans. This stereotype is already firmly established in the media space and finally got to the memetic space. In the western Internet in the past month, pictures began to make fruit, ridiculing the American intervention in the most unexpected places where there is oil (oil in English).

In the modern iteration of this meme, American soldiers and flags add to the pictures with the mention of the word oil. It can be like sunflower oil, and oil for the face – it does not matter! If there is a word oil, there will be American soldiers.

Turkeys from Far Cry 5

The week saw the expected game novelty – Far Cry 5. Players went to Montana to fight with Rednecks and sectarians in order to overcome the most important preacher of religious worship. However, he did not turn out to be the main villain Far Cry 5, but damned surviving turkeys, walking through the local forests. They turned out to be extremely tenacious and vindictive, ready to chase their prey from a dozen minutes before they die or kill.

Developers even had to release a patch in which the turkey nerf occurred, their characteristics were slightly weakened.

In addition, the game found a completely unbalanced weapon – a shovel. It can kill an opponent with a single throw, blow up a truck or a water tower, knock down a helicopter.

There was even the assumption that the developers specifically allowed these errors in the balance sheet, so that the players created the videos and, with the help of unobtrusive viral advertising, promoted their game at the start.

“Why can not you just be normal?”

This meme comes from the Australian horror film “Babaduk”, or rather from one of the scenes where the young hero begins to yell in the car when his mother asks why he simply can not be like everyone else normal. In this issue, users saw the geopolitical background. Such a question, for example, the Earth can be asked by the US, and the EU – by Britain.




And finally, our selection of the most interesting and popular kobov for the past month.

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