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Media: Iran to block Telegram and replace it with local messenger

The Iranian authorities will still block Telegram, which has already been banned several times in the country. The messenger will be replaced with a domestic development for “ensuring the safety of citizens.” This was reported by the local agency Mehr, referring to the statement of the head of the National Security Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi.

Boroujerdi said in an interview that the decision to ban Telegram was taken “at the highest level” for reasons of “national security”. The messenger will replace the local analogue, which will begin work in late April. The official expressed hope that the domestic service will displace Telegram, which is used by about 40 million people in the country.

In Iran several times blocked the messenger of Pavel Durov, including during local political protests. As Boroujerdi noted, the messenger plays a “destructive role” in the protests, helping the activists coordinate their actions. The media wrote that Telegram was unblocked because of discontent of the Iranian businessmen who had to use the VPN.

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