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American startup Jabbrrbox came up with private booths for working with a huge glass window

Photos The Outline
Photos The Outline
Photos The Outline

The American startup Jabbrrbox has created a private box with payment for a time that looks like a refrigerator and is designed to work. The company calls its product “a private office where it is needed.”

To work in the box Jabbrrbox you need to pay for time in a capsule with a special touch screen. 15 minutes will cost 10 dollars (about 574 rubles), 30 minutes in 15 dollars (about 800 rubles), and an hour in 30 dollars (about 1,7 thousand rubles).

The booth is a room the size of a shower cubicle with sockets, the ability to adjust the temperature, as well as a table and a seat. The door is completely transparent, so anyone can watch how someone works in the “private office”.

The Outline editor Jeremy Gordon (Jeremy Gordon) saw the cabin at New York’s La Guardia airport and first found her idea absurd. He told the colleague about the booth, and she noted that in a sense it was “a phone booth, just too expensive.”

The Outline editor changed his mind after spending about half an hour in Jabbrrbox, flipping through the tabs on the laptop. It turned out that the booth is equipped with Internet, adjustable lighting and built fairly ergonomically so that it could be comfortably accommodated. The journalist found in Jabbrrbox the satisfaction from the external fuss of the airport, and the transparent wall did not bother him at all: he was able to concentrate and work.

The CEO of the startup, Brian Hackathorn, in a conversation with The Outline, said that the booth idea came to him when he had a 45-minute window between meetings in central Manhattan. The man could not return to the office, because he would not have had enough time even for a normal snack. At that moment he thought about where he could spend this time in a quiet environment, and I did not find such places.

We all become much more mobile in everyday life, but physical infrastructure has never supported it.

Brian Khacutran
CEO of Jabbrrbox

Khakatorn assembled the team, found investments and created Jabbrrbox. The first public booths were cabins at the airport of La Guardia in New York, which the journalist The Outline came across.

Jabbrrbox plan to place in offices with open space without offices. The startup believes that after switching to open space, employees began to feel a serious lack of personal space. The company can solve this problem without building work in the office itself: it’s enough just to place such a booth that will fit into an empty corner.

At the end of March 2018, Jabbrrbox sold about two hundred booths to private offices at a price of 13 thousand dollars (746 thousand rubles) for one piece. The startup earned on this from 2 to 5 million dollars.

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