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Review of the blockbuster Spielberg “The first player to prepare”

Oh yeah baby! From the first seconds, a new blockbuster from Steven Spielberg thickly covers the audience with the aesthetics of the 1980s. The composition of Jump from the American VIA Van Halen touches the strings of your soul, inviting them back for two and a half hours in the time when the grass was greener, “Back to the Future” was considered the best blockbuster, and the sneakers and t-shirt with the red kantik – the best clothes. The 71-year-old maestro tried very hard. So much that I overdid it a little.

“Reality – it sucks”

It was not easy to creep until 2045. Not all survived the riots that broke out because of disruptions on the Internet. But now most people live in virtual reality, because the real one – it sucks. In the best case, you will live in awkward high-rise buildings from containers, at worst you will get into virtual slavery for debts to some corporation.

So there is nothing strange in that humanity with its multinational composition hangs in Oasis – a giant virtual world where one can be at least a cyborg, even a nyashny hero from Final Fantasy, though a bug, at least a cockroach. In general, such an advanced Instagram, from which you can not vylazit (except eat and go to the toilet).

Wade Watts is an ordinary American guy who, like everyone else, hangs in Oasis, is saving money for a new suit to simulate real sensations in virtuality, kills bosses in DOOM simulations and is friends with local scarecrows, to real personalities nobody cares, not even them themselves.

The plot of “The First Player” is tied to the personal drama of the creator of Oasis. James Halliday leaves a message to all his billions of admirers. We need to find three keys that are hidden in the virtual world, which will give the winner power over the whole system, and at the same time access to 500 billion dollars. The task is simple: pass the test, find three keys, become the master of the world. In the course of the action, we will be introduced to the unhappy life of Holliday and the aspirants for world domination, among which will be not only Wade Watts, but also his friends and enemies.

The main “trick” of everything happening on the screen is that James Holliday was an ardent fan of pop culture of the 1970s and especially the 1980s. And since everyone likes it, the world of the tape as a whole tries to send you back in those times with every corner of it. Do not you remember? You do not want? Do you know anything about them? They will force you into the 1980s and return with the luggage and experience of a retired elder.

The plot of “The First Player” is devoted to the search for “Easter eggs” – a pleasant addition, which is not provided by the official commercial code Oasis. In fact, the whole picture itself consists of such “Easter eggs” that send in the last quarter of the last century. All the power of pop culture of that time falls on the viewer. All in order to knock out a tear-the other or wake up sweet memories of the past. If there is nothing to remember, then – here you are the plague special effects that will open your mouth and tie it in a vice so that it will not be closed for two and a half hours.

“The first player to prepare” – a stunningly spectacular attraction! The race for the first key, the transformer against megodzilla, the incredible episode with “The Shine” by Stanley Kubrick is the first-class Disneyland from the world of cinema that shamelessly tickles the pleasure center in the brain and finally playfully cheeks on the cheeks, say, come on, come again, it will be interesting.

All this time, the film’s authors vehemently cast spectators greetings from the 1980s. Bee Gees is poured into the ears of treacle, before the look flashes of kaleidoscope in the form of DeLorean from “Back to the Future”, the kid-Alien, Chucky dolls, motorcycles from the anime Akira, Yoda from “Star Wars”, toads from Battletoads …

At some point Steven Spielberg with the mouth of one of the heroes of the picture seems to be apologizing. Like, he would be happy to fill the field of view of viewers with references to the past by 100%, but limited to 80%, because if more – convulsions begin. There are no convulsions, but the movie as such from the “First player” did not quite work out.

“Reality is the only thing that is real”

If Spielberg honestly played his conductor role in this visually orgasmic potpourri from different references to the past, then there would be no claims. It seems that initially he was just aiming at cool special effects and continuous motion. That’s cool!

But then Stephen seemed to remember that he was still a director, which means that we should try to link a set of isolated episodes-attractions to a single film with a history, drama and morality. Hence the resistance a la “Matrix”, opposition of the evil corporation, cardboard antagonist, adventure in reality and all other surpluses. It would be better to lead to the end of the line with three keys, artifacts and a virtual magician, without turning off in attempts to moralize the jungle, from which the elderly maestro was not so easy to get out.

Steven Spielberg masterfully managed with the culture of the 1980s, juggles pop icons, organically weaves it all into modern technology. Like, look, I’m still aware of youth trends-brands, while I do not forget about you, my middle-aged vagabonds. Sometimes this leads to oversaturation of symbols, icons, references, Easter eggs. Lente really wants to seem relevant greetings from the 1980s. That’s just too much. Such moments are not annoying, but they are visible and also smear the impression of the picture. On the other hand, it could be inherited from the book source, which is called the most gikovsky novel in history.

It’s good that the authors of the film did not overdo it with moralizing on the topic “virtuality – opium for the people”. Steven Spielberg was able to maintain his trademark, far from edifying humanism. He does not brand virtuality and almost does not impose a “correct” worldview, but only softly, as a loving mother, recalls: first lessons – then entertainment.

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