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Photo: Farewell to Stephen Hawking

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March 31 in Cambridge said goodbye to the famous theoretical physicist and popularizer of science Stephen Hawking, who died on March 14. The farewell ceremony took place in the church of St. Mary in the territory of Cambridge University, where the scientist worked for about 50 years.

The funeral was attended by relatives of a physicist, including a former wife and three children. The journalists noticed several celebrities: the actor Eddie Redmain, who played Hawking in a biopic, SpaceX’s Ilona Mask, Queen Brian May’s guitarist and playwright Alan Bennett – all were invited by about 500 people.

Eddie Redmain, who played physics in the movie “The Universe of Stephen Hawking.” Holiday pictures AP

The life and work of our father meant a lot to both religious and non-religious people. Thus, this service reflects the breadth and diversity of our lives. From the whole family we want to thank all those who came to pay tribute to our father, as well as those who conveyed condolences.

the statement of the children of Stephen Hawking
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Reuters photo

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