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WSJ distorted the words of the Prime Minister of Israel. It turned out that Moses brought water from Iraq

In early March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at a conference of the American-Israeli Committee on Public Relations. He also talked about the Israeli technology of obtaining water from the air, and pointed to its similarity with the Old Testament stories.

However, the reporter for the Wall Street Journal misunderstood the joke of Netanyahu, who speaks English with a very specific accent. The publication incorrectly conveyed the joke of the Prime Minister of Israel that Moses, with the help of his staff, extracted water from the stone.

Netanyahu: “He brought water from a rock” (“He took water from a rock”)

WSJ: “He brought water from Iraq” (“He brought water from Iraq”)

A snapshot of WSJ with an error in the words Netanyahu

Subsequently, the newspaper had to correct the online version of its material and issue an explanation that its previous edition contained incorrect information.

According to the estimates of biblical scholars, the probable historical exodus of Jews from Egypt occurred sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries BC. At the same time, the Kingdom of Iraq was proclaimed only in 1921.

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