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The sculptor-meme sculptor Cristiano Ronaldo made another bust a year later. It turned out better

March 29, 2017 at the airport of the island of Madeira, solemnly presented the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo – the most famous native of the region. Users of social networks and the media immediately noted that the work of the sculptor Manuel Santosh turned out to be “terrifying” and completely different from the famous football player.

The bust quickly became a meme, but for the sculptor such glory turned into “dark days”. Exactly one year later Santosh told Bleacher Report about his attitude to the “curve” sculpture and introduced a new one.

According to the Portuguese, at the time of the order he never made busts and never worked with bronze. But I did not want to miss my chance. After the presentation at the airport of Madeira, Santos faced a stream of criticism: the sculpture was discussed on TV, in social networks and on the streets. “It was a hard time,” the author noted.

Despite the negative feedback, a year later, Santosh does not regret what his work turned out.

Yes, it’s not 100% Cristiano Ronaldo. But people need to understand that art is a way of expressing oneself based on emotions. This is not an exact science. I like the result, and I’m proud of it. If I came back a year ago, I would do the same.

Manuel Santos

In the winter of 2018, the journalists of Bleacher Report offered Santos to make another bust of the football player in honor of the anniversary of the appearance of the meme. “I will make a new sculpture to show people that I am not what the media put me. If there are negative comments, then I’m ready for them, “he said.

The second bust turned out more like the captain of the Portuguese national team. It will be kept in the London edition of the Bleacher Report.

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