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The New York court rejected Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against the creators of GTA V for resembling a character

Lacey Jonas. Frame from GTA V

The New York Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit filed by Lindsay Lohan against Take-Two and did not recognize the image of the actress for the GTA V. She applied to the court in 2014, complaining of an unambiguous reference to her image and violation of privacy.

The judge ruled that in the image of the girl from GTA V there are no specific features of Lohan, and Take-Two did not use her pictures to create a character. “This image shows the satirical and fuzzy features of a modern twenty-year-old girl,” they added in court.

Lindsey Lohan. Getty Photos

Lohan sued the creators of GTA V in 2014: she accused the developers of using her public image and interfering in private life. In September 2016, the judges found the insolvency of the claim that the actress accused Take-Two of using her photo for promotional materials.

In the story, the character Lacey Jonas (Lacey Jonas) asks the player to help hide from the paparazzi and drive her home. She says she suffered from anorexia and spent millions of dollars to fight the “village accent”. In the lawsuit it was said that the character imitates Lohan and goes to the same hotels in Hollywood.

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