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The Belarusian hacker who created the big botnet did not attack his own and hoped that he would be counted

Today, a conference on Internet Security, the IT Security Conference 2018, began in Minsk, at which representatives of both the commercial industry and law enforcement agencies took the floor. The latter told about the trends among cybercriminals and Belarusians, who created the Andromeda botnet.

Representatives of the management of “K” told details about the Belarusian detained in December 2017, who is highly likely to be a famous “zero” hacker under the nickname Ar3s. He worked from Rechitsa not only on the basic “white” work, but also worked on earnings on the Internet: he developed and sold malicious software for the botnet “Andromeda”.

Representatives of the authorities call it only a pillar of Belarusian hacking. The botnet infected 3-4 million computers a month. At the same time, more than 500,000 computers were simultaneously included in the network and working.

“The man who wrote this is a drunken genius, he will not think of such sober steps, ” remarked Alexander Mokhnach, an investigator for especially important cases of the K Office  with irony.

The program checked the country in which the computer works by studying the language layout. If the user worked with the Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and other languages ​​of the CIS, the malicious person did not start active operations. Now the man hopes that it will be reckoned to him.

Botnet “Andromeda” was used to steal credentials, download and execute malware in systems. Botnet was constantly enriched with new modules: interception of data, remote control of the infected system.

– We have enough smart guys who are sending their knowledge into the wrong channel. Every year we come across literate specialists who spend their time in such a wrong way, “said Kirill Vyatkin, deputy head of department” K “of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

He also noted that Belarusians themselves sometimes go to fraud and simulate embezzlement from their bank cards. This is due to the principle of zero responsibility, when the bank reimburses the money stolen by the hacker.

– People can consciously mimic theft in various ways in order to receive reimbursement or insurance. Such facts are identified and qualify as fraud.

One of the engines of cybercrime growth is unauthorized access to the users account in social networks. Then criminals spin up relatives and friends to provide card details, photos, information about SMS from the bank. In particular, therefore, the share of crimes against information security in Belarus has increased to 25%. The remaining three quarters are embezzlement using computer equipment from bank cards.

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