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Surfer, who lost his legs because of the shark, became the protector of these predators (13 photos)

38-year-old American Mike Coots is fond of surfing and is an activist of the movement to protect sharks from poachers. The paradox of this case is that Mike must hate sharks, because 20 years ago, due to the fault of one of them, he lost his right leg, however, despite this, he loves sea predators with all his heart.

At the age of 18, a tiger shark attacked the coast of Hawaii on Mike. She tore her right leg below the knee, but the guy managed to swim to the shore, then fainted and woke up only in the hospital. After the operation and rehabilitation course, the young man firmly decided that he would once again get on the board. Picking up suitable prostheses, a few months later Mike lived a full life.

A few years ago, Mike became an activist for the organization to protect sharks. Now he travels the world, taking photos of sharks and telling how dangerous is their extermination for the ecosystem of the world ocean.

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