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Russian businessman for three years banned from attending football in Greece for threatening the judge with weapons and a torn match

Ivan Savvidi. Reuters photo

Greek football Super League for three years banned Russian businessman Ivan Savvidi to attend matches and fined 100 thousand euros. The owner of the club PAOK on one of the games went on the field with a weapon and threatened the referee, after which the match was completed ahead of schedule.

In early March, PAOK played with AEK, and the referee did not count Savvidi’s goal for offside. The businessman ran out onto the field with a gun and guards, began to threaten the judge and told him “Your career is over.” The match finished ahead of schedule, but the goal of PAOK was taken into account and the team won, as the referee revised the point on the replay.

The Greek prosecutor’s office brought charges against Savvidi in violation of sports regulations. The Greek Championship was suspended until March 26 to investigate the incident, and the businessman apologized and explained his behavior with the desire to “prevent provocation and unrest.”

However, PAOK was still deprived of three points and fined, so the team dropped to the third line in the Super League. Because of this, the fight for the title between the Russian team, Olympiakos and AEK was toughened.

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