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No Man’s Sky will be released on Xbox One along with the biggest update

You remember the game No Man’s Sky, which came out (scary to think) in the summer of 2016 and (even worse) sold in a million copies on Steam only? The release of the game was accompanied by a loud scandal: gamers accused the creators of deception and unjustified hopes. So this particular No Man’s Sky will be released on Xbox together with the biggest update of Next for all platforms.

Head of No Man’s Sky development Sean Murray claims that Next will be the largest free update of all that came out for the game. The release is scheduled for August this year, although its details are not yet disclosed. On Xbox One X, the game will support HDR and 4K resolution.

Over the past 20 months for No Man’s Sky came three major updates: Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rises. They were able to return the interest of some players to the game. However, the ratings of the game on Steam still remain extremely negative: 37% of dislays out of more than 81,000 reviews.

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