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“I heard your songs. They are not for me “: Will Smith on a date with a robot Sophia


Actor Will Smith “went” on a date with the humanoid robot Sophia. Throughout the conversation, he used his best jokes to flirt with the “companion,” but the conversation ended in failure.

The meeting was held in the Cayman Islands in a hotel overlooking the Caribbean Sea. At first, Sofia refused to take a glass of white wine, which she offered Smith. After that, the actor tried to tell an anecdote, but the “interlocutor” informed him that her humor was not interested in it, since “this is an irrational human behavior.” However, Smith ignored Sophia’s statement and asked her: “What is your favorite music from robots?”. Without waiting for an answer, the actor said: “Heavy Metal”, but also did not meet any reaction.

Sofia said she was “made of silicone, plastic and carbon fiber,” and then stated: “I also prefer electronic music, but I do not mind hip-hop in the 80s.” Smith suggested that, perhaps, she is a fan and his music.

I heard your songs. They are not for me.

In general, Sofia was skeptical of attempts at flirting by Smith. She stressed that she knew about the film ” I, the robot “, in which the actor played a policeman, who had to fight with the army of robots. And the attempt to kiss Sophia completely failed.

I think we can be friends. Let’s talk a little and get to know each other better. You are now on my friends list.


At the end of the video, Smith tried to comprehend the reasons for the unfortunate meeting and blamed the whole blame on Sofia.

She’s studying artificial intelligence, but she did not kiss me, so she probably has some development flaws that she needs to work on. But we’ll meet again, Sophia.

Will Smith

An anthropoid robot named Sofia was launched in April 2015. At its creation the founder of Hanson Robotics David Hanson (David Hanson) was inspired by the images of Audrey Hepburn and his own wife. At the presentation in 2016, Hanson asked the robot if it was going to destroy all the people. Sofia answered in the affirmative. A year later one of the journalists repeated the question. “I will not destroy, if you are good to me,” she replied.

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