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GoPro introduced a cheap Hero camera

GoPro, which made its name in the market of action cameras, introduced a line of cheap Hero devices. There will be such a device in $ 200, which makes it quite an acceptable option. The camera can not boast of ultra-high resolution, which is its main difference from dear colleagues.

GoPro Hero shoots video in 1440p format with a frame rate of 60 fps, there is no support for 4K, as are slow-motion video recordings. Using the camera, you can get 10-megapixel photos, in the serial shooting mode, Hero gets 10 frames per second, the parameter can not be changed.

At the same time, the camera is equipped with a 2-inch touch screen, voice control is supported, there is digital image stabilization and basic water protection. In terms of size Hero is like Hero 5 or Hero 6, a cheap camera has the same connectors and mounts, so accessories will fit old (if you have them).

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