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Former player of the Russian national football team began to ask 500 rubles for the interview

Alexander Panov. A photo from his personal archive

Former football player Alexander Panov, who spoke for the Russian national team in 1998-2004, stopped talking with journalists on a free basis and started asking 500 rubles for the interview. One of the first about this was reported by the editor of the publication “Sport Day by Day” Sergei Bury.

When a colleague called Buroy Panov for an interview, he asked to transfer 500 rubles to the card or put on the phone. “Earlier he asked 10 thousand rubles a month,” the editor noted.

The journalists returned interest to Panov because of the friendly match between Russia and France on March 27, which ended with a score of 1: 3. One of the brightest matches in the career of the athlete just went against France in 1999. Then Russia won with a score of 3-2 at the stadium “Stade de France” in Paris, Panov scored two goals.

Brown ‘s story was confirmed by the editorial board of the blog “Blow your head” on, calling Panov. He agreed to talk with the journalist only when he confirmed the money transfer to the phone. Tell me, could we get a comment on the nearest match of the Russian national team with France?

Panov: I do not give comments. Do not give?

Panov: On a commercial basis. It’s like?

Panov: 500 rubles for the phone. And I will answer any question. On your number?

Panov: Yes. If there is a desire, throw. I’m waiting.

After talking about the match with France, whose content can be read on, the journalist called back Panov. This time the athlete agreed to speak for free. Alexander, and can there be a few more questions about football?

Panov: Damn, it was necessary then to ask everything. Let’s throw money once more.

Panov: Okay, do not.

As explained by the football player, he got tired of the fact that many people used the opportunity to talk with him “for free”. Therefore, he began to demand a minimum amount for a question on any topic. Panov admitted that the interlocutors do not always agree to pay, although he does not worry about it.

Happens, they agree. Sometimes, no. I’m not worried about that. Everything depends on you. Some translate. But those who constantly pay, no.

Alexander Panov
former football player of the Russian national football team
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