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Former employee of Google: being a woman in IT – suck

Former Google engineer Loretta Lee published a blog entry in her blog that defined the state of gender integration in the high-tech industry. “The reason why there are so few women in the technology industry is that it’s sucks to be a woman in IT,” she writes.

The girl is not in vain is a former employee of Google. She has already filed a lawsuit against the company, which accuses her of wrongdoing by male colleagues and the HR department of the company.

Lee argues that since the 80s, the number of women in the IT industry has been steadily declining. She believes that companies and their employees not only refuse to recognize their unconscious prejudice against women, but also engage in false support for the idea of ​​diversity.

For example, according to the lady, Google grafts with statistics on diversity: “UX Designers” are renamed to “UX Engineers”, and then submit a report that over the past year the number of female programmers increased by 20%.

In this case, small print indicates that such a conclusion is made on the basis of a sample of 80% of the company’s employees: “I am ready to make a really wild guess and I bet that 80% of the remaining employees are men.”

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