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Due to injuries goalkeepers, the NHL had to be put on the gate of the amateur. His main profession is an accountant

Scott Foster. Photo from Twitter "Chicago Blackhawks"
Scott Foster. Photo from Twitter “Chicago Blackhawks”
Scott Foster. Photo from Twitter “Chicago Blackhawks”

NHL club “Chicago Blackhawks” was in a difficult situation in the match against Winnipeg Jets because of the loss of all the goalkeepers. But to help the club came 36-year-old accountant Scott Foster (Scott Foster), previously never played a professional level.

Foster came to the arena as a player for an “emergency replacement.” Core goalkeeper Corey Crawford (Corey Crawford) was in the infirmary from the end of December, and goalkeeper Anton Forsberg (Anton Forsberg) during the warm-up pulled a groin. In addition to Foster, the “Chicago” remained 23-year-old goalkeeper Collin Delia (Collin Delia), who also never played for the main team (he was invited from the reserve farm club).

But in the third period 14 minutes before the final siren with a score of 6: 2 in favor of the “Chicago”, Delia was also injured and could not continue the game. Foster’s “star” hour came: he reflected seven shots and became the first star of the NHL day, keeping the team’s goal intact until the end of the fight. And fans of “Chicago” at the end of the match began to chant his name.

Foster signed a one-day contract with the club just before the NHL regular season match against Winnipeg. Prior to this, from 2002 to 2006, he appeared in the amateur student league of the NCAA, and then retired. The man belongs to the group of amateur goalkeepers, who can be attracted as an “emergency replacement” for the home games of the team.

Usually I climb to the very top of the arena and watch the game from the press room, I eat dinner and go home.

Actually, I came to the game after work. A couple of hours ago I was sitting at the computer. And the initial shock occurred when I was told to change into a uniform [this happened when Forsberg got injured on a warm-up]. In my opinion, after that, my eyes darkened.

Scott Foster

Foster took the goalkeeper’s form with the number 90 and went with the team to warm-up. He stressed that until the last he did not expect that he would have to go out on the ice.

Of course, there is always a chance. You are claimed for several games, the guys are injured, but you do not think you can go out on the ice.

I will tell all my friends that I have reflected 30 shots, and we won 1: 0. And I did not feel any pressure. What can be the pressure in this situation? I remember that Joel Kenneville [the Chicago head coach] laughed when I went out on the ice. And it was funny to me.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up, button my shirt and go back to my usual work. This is something that I will never forget. This is a dream.

Scott Foster

“What a night. Goalkeeper for “emergency replacement” Scott Foster received a belt for his unexpected performance ”
About the future of Foster in the club is not known. The leadership of “Chicago” stressed that the severity of the injury Forsberg remains unknown, and Delia will be ready to play in the next fight. In addition, an hour after the end of the match managers called from the farm club goalkeeper Jean-Francois Berube (Jean-Francois Berube).

For many years in the NHL there have been practices of calling amateur goalkeepers for an “emergency replacement”. In accordance with the regulations of the league, there must be two goalkeepers in the application for the match, one of which is in full equipment on the bench. But the cases of reaching the ice amateurs are single and they usually take place seconds before the end of the fight.

For example, in December 2016, “Chicago” already fell into a similar situation, when the management of the club because of the injury of the main goalkeeper invited the second goalkeeper of the fan of the team Eric Semborski (Eric Semborski). Semborski also never played at a professional level, but while studying at Temple University he defended the gates of the student team. But, unlike Foster, on the ice he went only to the pre-match warm-up.

In addition, the game “Chicago” with “Winnipeg” was the first case since 1987 and the third – since 1944, when in one match for one team debuted just two goalkeepers (Delia and Foster).

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