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Developer from Hungary built a voice-controlled tank for beer delivery

The developer Balazs Simon (Balazs Simon) has created a toy tank with a voice control, which is designed to deliver beer.

He called the WalaBeer Tank project and talked about the process of working on it on the Hackster website.

According to the developer, there are things that every man in the depths wants to get and “tanks with beer – one of them.” Therefore, Simon decided to make a “beer tank”, which could follow the user and bring an alcoholic drink on command.

The developer used the computer Rapsberry Pi to control the device, set Walabot as a “view” of the tank, as well as a set of Arduino, engines, transistors and not only.

WalaBeer Tank can follow the user by voice command, open the hatch with beer or turn on the lights. To track the user, the robot scans the terrain in front of you for movements and follows the direction where it was noticed. While working on this function, Simon ran into the problem: his robot’s “eyes” received information at a rate of only six frames per second and therefore could miss a lot. Because of this, the developer slowed the tank considerably.

Simon plans to finalize the device, the current version he built in four days.

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