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Co-owner of the Canadian restaurant cooked and ate a deer leg in front of protesting vegans

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Thus, Michael Hunter, who is co-owner and chef of the restaurant Antler in Toronto, responded to the protest of vegetarians who stayed near his institution for almost a week. Arriving at the scene, the police said that in his restaurant, Michael can do what he wants.

On March 28, animal advocates gathered at the restaurant, who regularly protested against eating animals. At some point, Hunter appeared at the window with a raw deer foot. While activists stood with placards and shouted “Killer” and “Add a menu of vegan steaks,” the chef cut meat, and then transferred it to a frying pan and went into the kitchen.

Later he returned with a ready-made steak and started eating it in front of the protesters.

Photos of Marni Ugar

The organizer of the action suggested that in this way the co-owner of the restaurant is trying to take revenge on them. The activists added that it was easier to get results from a small restaurant than from a large company, so they held promotions near Antler. After one of the pickets, Michael added vegan dishes to the menu, but the protests continued.

Obviously, we are starting to get rid of him, because our presence before the institution affects business. I can not know for sure, but I think that’s how he tried to take revenge on us.

Marni Ugar
picket organizer
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