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Bitcoin broke the annual minimum, and Intel patents the hardware acceleration mining

Crypto-currencies continue to unsettle people who have this virtual asset. A few hours ago bitcoin, for example, set another record for this year, but with a minus sign. The rate of popular crypto currency was briefly $ 6,16 thousand per unit, then there was a tendency to increase. True, this coin won not so much.

Currently, the bitcoin rate is about $ 7,1 thousand per unit, the airtime is $ 385, Bitcoin Cash shows $ 747, ripple is about $ 0.5 per unit. How events will develop in the future, one can only guess, and experts – to predict.

In the meantime, Intel patented the “hardware accelerator of mining”. The full name of the platform is: Bitcoin Mining Hardware Accelerator With Optimized Message Digest and Message Scheduler Datapath. The application to the USPTO was filed in September 2016. The document describes algorithms for optimizing the process of mining bitcoins, which reduces energy consumption by 35%. The algorithm can be used on both “asics” and on ordinary processors, SoC and so on.

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