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Why collect plastic caps in Spain (5 photos)

In Spain, in many supermarkets, government institutions, various institutions and even in homes, you can find different capacities filled with plastic. Most often, they are caps from bottles, but among them there may be another plastic. For what all this is collected, read on.

Tanks for collecting plastic may be small, for example, such.

Or large enough, for example, such.

And it all began with the story of a girl who at the age of 7 needed a heart surgery worth 90,000 euros. Parents of the child who did not have such money, asked for help and pay for the operation agreed the company involved in the processing of plastic. In exchange, the company asked to collect 200 tons of plastic. Shortly thereafter, the plastic collection containers appeared literally everywhere and in a few weeks managed to collect the necessary amount of plastic.

The idea of ​​collecting plastic for charitable purposes has taken hold, and so plastic continues to collect until now.

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