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Unusual inventions (15 photos)

Let’s take a look at a number of unusual inventions that appeared several decades ago, but for various reasons they were not widely used, and therefore were soon forgotten.

Glowing tires, 1961

Buick Flamingo Convertible with rotating front passenger seat, 1961

Hairdryer, 1962

Early version of roller skates, 1910

A machine that simulates a cat’s meow for scaring mice, 1963

Plastic protection for the face in bad weather, 1939

Japanese invention for those with a cold

Back brush with mirrors for thorough washing, 1947

Cots that allow a child to sleep in the open air, 1930s

E-meter, an instrument in Dianetics and Scientology in the practice of auditing, recording changes in the electrical resistance of a body to a constant electric current, 1958.

Swimming cap, 1925

The Poker Mask, 1932

Brush-comb for bald men, 1950’s

Boat Review

Radio with a hat, 1931

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