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Tim Cook criticized Android because of the leakage of user data Facebook

Tim Cook is sure that he would never be in the situation in which Mark Zuckerberg is now . The founder of Facebook and his brainchild actively discuss because of the leakage of data about 50 million users who, in the opinion of the head of Apple, have been the victim of some features of the Android operating system.

In an MSNBC interview, Tim Cook noted that the direct fault of Mark Zuckerberg in the event is probably not. Nevertheless, Facebook was aware of the “features” of the mobile social networking application for the Android platform. In Apple, an application that tries to access everything in the world, it would not have been possible to get into the directory.

Facebook has already taken steps to avoid data leakage in the future. In particular, the social network will prohibit third parties from collecting and selling information about their users to advertising networks for targeting advertisements.

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