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The men took on the team cheerleaders for the first time in the history of the American Football League NFL

Dancers Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies became the first men in the history of the American National Football League (NFL), who were taken to the support group. They will dance together with cheerleaders. This was reported by USA Today.

The team “Los Angeles Rams” took only two men from 76 people. During the program Good Morning America, Jinnis said that the selection process was “unlike anything before that.” He noted that men were chosen for three weeks. All this time was filled with rehearsals and interviews, which were both “humiliating and surprising.”

 Peron and Djinnis have been engaged in classical dances all their lives and will dance with 40 girls-cheerleaders in the next football season, which will begin in the fall. As the “ABC” TV channel noted, the teams of “Baltimore Ravens” and “Indianapolis Colts” have male stuntmen who perform tricks. However, Peron and Gillis will be the first men in NFL history who will dance and perform acrobatic techniques along with women.

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