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Memory GDDR6 at the start will be more expensive than GDDR5 by 20%

SK Hynix plans to begin mass production of GDDR6 memory for three months, it will be used in some NVIDIA products. First of all, we are talking about systems for car autopilots, but the video cards, of course, will not be left out. At first, the price for GDDR6 will be 20% higher than GDDR5.

Gradually, the cost of new memory will decrease, but below the price level for GDDR5, it either does not drop, or it will not happen soon. As GamerNexus notes , this will affect the price of the final products.

We can also assume that soon after the start of mass production of GDDR6 memory, sales of NVIDIA graphics cards of the next generation will begin.

The information is informal.

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