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Lavrov announced the expulsion of diplomats from more than 25 Western countries and the closure of the US consulate in St. Petersburg

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that diplomats from all Western countries will be expelled from Russia, who announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats because of poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. As of March 29, these are employees from more than 25 states. The broadcast of the statement is conducted by “Russia 24”.

Also, Russia revokes the license for the work of the US Consulate in St. Petersburg. Lavrov added that the response measures for the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US “will be mirrored and not only”.

In parallel, we want not only to react to absolutely unacceptable actions, which are being undertaken under the pressure of the United States and Great Britain, under the pretext of the so-called case of the Fiddles.

We want to establish the truth, about which many times spoke from the very beginning of this crisis.

Sergey Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister

On March 26, the United States announced the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats along with Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and other European countries. By March 29, more than 25 states joined them , which will send 140 embassy staff to Russia in total.

Russia does not agree with the accusations of poisoning the Fiddles and completely denies its involvement. She has already sent 23 British diplomats.

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