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In the fire in the Venezuelan prison after the riot killed 68 people

Relatives of the dead prisoners near the prison. Reuters photo

In Venezuela, a fire broke out in the detention center of the Carabobo police in the city of Valencia. According to Attorney General Tarek William Saab, at least 68 people were killed. He promised to start an investigation and connect four prosecutors.

Judging by the photos and video of eyewitnesses, near the prison relatives and close prisoners were gathered. According to media reports, the riot in the penitentiary began just at the time of the meeting with relatives.

According to El Pais, the center was crowded. While visiting relatives, some prisoners took the visitor hostage, presented some demands to the authorities and wounded him with a knife. As there was no response from the authorities (it is not known whether they were going to fulfill the set conditions), the rioters began to burn mattresses. Soon after, a fire broke out.

Presumably, the majority of the victims died because of suffocation. As the BBC clarified , in order to “disperse” a crowd of relatives near the prison building, the police used tear gas.

Previously, Venezuelan media reported 78 casualties in a fire. The interlocutors of the publications suggested that due to the serious condition of the victims, the number of victims could increase.

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