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In Kiev, a hotel for sex (9 photos)

The first hotel in Ukraine for sex was opened in Kiev. The hotel consists of seven rooms, decorated in different styles, where visitors can realize their erotic fantasies. The rooms have special furniture, sex toys and other accessories. The numbers received the following names: “Moorish Harem”, “Royal Fantasy”, “School Class”, “Doctor’s Office”, “Domination”, “Torture Room” and “Gothic”.

In each room of the hotel, located in a quiet sleeping area, an alarm button is installed in case of emergency situations. Only persons over the age of 21 can become clients of the hotel, and people who are not drunk or drunk will not be allowed in here. The hotel management emphasizes that it only provides premises and does not provide any additional services. After visiting the rooms, all lashes, whips, handcuffs, chains, ropes and erotic toys will be carefully sterilized.

The founder of the hotel believes that Ukrainians need to be liberated and contribute diversity to the sex life. This is especially true for married couples, because Ukraine has a very high place in terms of the number of divorces.

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