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In Kazakhstan, due to the erosion of ice on the Irtysh River, glass was knocked out in high-rise buildings

March 29, blasting operations on the Irtysh River led to the fact that houses in the Kazakhstani city of Semey (formerly Semipalatinsk) knocked out glass. According to eyewitnesses, the explosion occurred around 14:47 local time (11:47 Moscow time).

A local resident said that the institution that set up the explosion did not calculate the amount of explosives in the explosion of ice. Shock wave knocked out “all the windows”, and “flew out the frame” in at least three nine-storey and one five-story building.
After the explosion at least three people, including one child, turned to the doctors for help. As local media emphasize, serious consequences were avoided, as many local residents were at work.

As found out , the authorities had to undermine the ice after water discharge from Shulbinskaya HPP.

As a result, the island was flooded with the colonel, from where the residents were urgently evacuated. Now the situation there has returned to normal. However, the stream of water descended downstream, and now the water has risen in the vicinity of the Zaton part of the city due to the accumulated ice here.

Local authorities confirmed that they knew about the incident, but did not specify its details. Representatives of the company “Vostokvzryvprom” stated that they carried out work in accordance with all the rules to free the Irtysh from ice.

“Vostokvzryvprom” has been working in Kazakhstan since 2001, engaging in drilling and blasting and construction and installation works.

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