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“I would not be in this situation”: Tim Cook about the leakage of Facebook data and the apology of Zuckerberg

Photos from Twitter Recode
Photos from Twitter Recode
According to the head of Apple, his company “does not make customers a product” and protects personal data.

The head of Apple Tim Cook in an interview with Recode and MSNBC said that he and his company would not have got into a situation similar to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Sotsset acknowledged the leakage of data more than 50 million users who were used for political advertising.

According to Cook, when it comes to the privacy of users, it is necessary to engage in self-regulation, but in this case Facebook is already late and can only “think about how to fix it.” He added that Apple does not sell user information, but refers to the protection of data as the right of any person.

We would have earned a lot of money if we started monetizing our users. If customers become our product. But we do not do this, do not interfere in your personal life.

Tim Cook
head of Apple

Cook advised users to carefully read confidentiality agreements with each application and site, and also do not forget to clean the cookies. “The best way to protect data is encryption,” added the head of Apple.

The journalist asked Cook what to do if he was now in the place of Mark Zuckerberg. “I would not be in such a situation,” he said. A full interview with the head of Apple will be available on April 6.

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