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What nonsense? Microsoft prohibits swearing in Skype and Word documents

Microsoft warned users about changes in the agreement on the use of services in their services. Since May 1, 2018, the company can block the accounts of those who masturbate or insult someone in Skype or through Word documents.

A new clause of the agreement states that the user is prohibited from publicly demonstrating or using Microsoft services for the dissemination of unacceptable content and materials. In addition to nudity, zoophilia, pornography and violence scenes, the word “insults” appeared there.

The following services fall under the new agreement:

  • Skype;
  • Windows Live Mail;
  • Office 365;
  • Bing;
  • Cortana;
  • Windows Store;
  • and others

There is also an Xbox Live service for gamers who like to insult each other and drive other people’s mothers to premieres in theaters.

Since Microsoft does not read Skype’s correspondence, does not overhear conversations and does not spy on documents in the cloud-based Office 365 service, it can be assumed that this measure was provoked by complainants who share illegal content with technical support in order to block an unpleasant interlocutor.

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