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Walmart will remove from its cash register magazine Cosmopolitan because of disrespect for women

The hypermarket chain Walmart decided to remove the magazine Cosmopolitan from the cashier’s of five thousand of its stores. According to the official representative of the company Maggan Kring (Meggan Kring), the magazine will still be available on the shelf with the press. She added that the decision taken by the owners of the network was purely business, but took into account the “emerging concerns”.

Statement Kring distributed representatives of the National Center for Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE, until 2015 the organization was called “Morality in the media”). Its spokesman Haley Halverson said that now Walmart customers can buy products without having to see “humiliating and offensive material.”

Hyper-sexual media, bombarding people every day, became one drop smaller. This really matters, especially in the MeToo culture in which we live: we want a culture that will respect women and maintain their dignity.

Haley Halverson
official representative of NCOSE
NCOSE for several years engaged in lobbying for a ban on the public sale of Cosmopolitan, considering it pornographic. In 2015, the organization secured from two major American retail chains Hannaford Stores and Food Lion a refusal to publicly display the magazine: now it is placed behind special non-transparent screens.

Since 1965, the American version of Cosmopolitan, originally founded as a magazine for the whole family, positions itself as a magazine for women and actively covers sexual topics. On the cover of one issue could be combined titles like “Best. Sex. All times “,” The new science of better orgasm “and” Now is the time for sex! “.

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