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Users filed the first lawsuit against Facebook due to large-scale data leakage

In the United States, three Facebook Messenger users filed a lawsuit against the company due to a data leak of 50 million people, including lists of friends, preferences and phone contacts. They accused the company of violating the confidentiality of data and reading personal correspondence in the messenger.

The California court confirmed the receipt of the collective lawsuit, but did not disclose details. They can be joined by other victims of the leak. Users demand compensation for the damage done, without naming a specific amount. Representatives of Facebook have not yet commented on this.

Earlier on Facebook , one of the shareholders, who complained about the company’s shares reduction against the backdrop of the scandal, had already sued . Also, the US Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation against the social network to find out what measures it took to protect personal data. Facebook can be fined $ 40,000 for each violation.

In addition to the fact that the social network has already recognized the data leak and apologized, the developer from New Zealand discovered that Facebook was following the calls and SMS of users on Android.

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