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The first official image of OnePlus 6 with “mono-eye” appeared

The next flagship of OnePlus will receive a “visor” at the top of the screen. This is indicated by the first official image of the smartphone, which was at the disposal of the resource The Verge. This is another confirmation of the fact that in the near future “ordinary” screens in smartphones will meet less and less often.

OnePlus representative noted that the question is not whether to do or do “monobrow”, but in what size it will be. A new trend in design allows to increase the useful area of ​​the screen, for this reason the manufacturer decided not to abandon the fashion trends.

In addition, OnePlus believes that the “visor” of their smartphone “will be the best” due to the dimensions – 19.616 × 7.687 mm.

Contrary to popular belief, the beginning of monobrovi was not given by Apple, because before the release of iPhone X, Essential Phone and Sharp Aquos S2 appeared on sale. However, the American company popularized the trend.

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