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SpaceX, Playboy and Will Ferrell were gone. How to delete a Facebook account?

To the scandal with the leak of user data in Facebook added another headache. It turned out that social network with the unobvious consent of users saved the history of their calls, information about sent and received SMS. This added fuel to the fire and accelerated the outcome of the social network of major brands and celebrities, who joined the flash mob #deleteFacebook.

It looks childishly stupid and naive at times. Ilon Mask, for example, was radical. He removed the accounts of his companies SpaceX and Tesla from this social network. At the same time he did it after a short discussion with subscribers in Twitter: “Delete the SpaceX page, if the guy? – I did not know that there is such a thing. I’ll delete it. I’ve never seen her in my life. ” Ilon Mask stressed that he never started a profile on Facebook.

Today, the Playboy edition added to the shelf of major brands that left Facebook : “About 25 million fans interacted with Playboy through various pages on Facebook. We no longer want to be complicit in questionable social network practices. “

Humorist Will Ferrell said that within 72 hours will get rid of the account in the social network. In a farewell post on Facebook he wrote that he always felt disgusted with social networks, but used them to promote himself and his colleagues.

How can I delete my Facebook account?

If you want to be like Ilon Mask and Will Ferrell, then you do not have to write loud posts about your leaving. You can leave the social network in two clicks.

True, to begin with, you can download the archive of data for all of your activity, recorded social network: photos, publications, profile information, clicks on ad units, targeted advertising groups, etc. If you dig around, you can find many interesting things.

When the decision is made finally, just go to this link and click the “Delete my account” button.

Only you need to remember one thing: besides Facebook, there are dozens of companies and social networks on the Internet that track and collect information about you as a potential consumer of advertising. Including political.

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