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Oracle requires $ 8.8 billion with Google due to Java on Android

The court continued the opposition of companies Oracle and Google, in which the latter require more than $ 8.8 billion for the use of Java in the operating system Android. The sum is the “profit received by copyright infringement on Java”. Earlier it was reported that Oracle would like to pay another half a billion dollars in compensation.

Some time ago, the jury found that Google did not have to pay the amount, and then Oracle went to the Court of Appeal. And he took the side of Oracle, and the bill of billions of dollars again hung in the air.

It is noted that Java is an open platform, but you can use the opportunities in different ways, say Oracle lawyers. The company believes that Google behaved dishonestly, building a business on someone else’s product, thereby depriving Oracle of market space. In Google, of course, adhere to a completely different point of view. However, the search corporation is actively earning on advertising in Android-smartphones, which already contradicts the concept of fair use.

The Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. After 15 years, Oracle absorbed Sun Microsystems and became the owner of all copyright in Java, and in 2012, went to court, accusing Google of misuse of code when creating a mobile operating system Android

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